Work Order Automation



Process work orders quickly and accurately to positively impact profitability and customer satisfaction.

How your business processes work orders directly affects your Order to Cash process and ultimately drives your overall profitability and customer satisfaction. Abandoning a labor-intensive manual process for a fully-managed automated solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems will accelerate your entire work order process, delight customers and boost your bottom line.

Receive incoming orders in various formats and delivery methods.

Keep track of sales order status.

Integrate sales orders in production-associated system.

Send confirmations and advance shipping notices to customers.

Keep track of sales order status.

Work Order Processing Presents a Big Opportunity

What makes customers happier than seeing their work orders handled promptly and efficiently? Keep them pleased and they’ll come back for more. But if your company is processing work orders manually, you may be perpetuating headaches instead of happiness:

  • Lengthy processing times
  • Work duplication
  • More errors
  • Higher processing costs
  • Difficulties in tracking and managing work order status
  • Miscommunication with all stakeholders
  • Missing or lost orders
  • Reduced customer confidence
  • Loss of repeat business

Work Order Automation Helps Secure Future Business

The fully-managed Amalto solution automates work order processing and delivers immediate, tangible benefits that can solidify your customer relationships:

  • Streamlined and expedited processing of structured order files
  • Data capture of PDF orders and internal workflow
  • No more entry errors
  • No more duplicated efforts
  • Lower processing costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Real-time workflow tracking throughout the process and your organization
  • Valuable time freed up for your customer service representatives
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Healthier environmental footprint by eliminating paper

The Amalto e-Business Cloud automates your essential business processes such as incoming work order processing. Choosing the Amalto solution and leaving your paper-based system behind will elevate your business to unprecedented operational and financial levels.