Invoice Automation



Fully automate your outbound invoicing process directly from your ERP or back-office system to all of your customers.

Automating your invoicing process or accounts receivable process makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. By making it easier for them to pay, you deliver better service and create added value for your customers, speed up the payment process, and optimize your Order to Cash process — benefiting your bottom line.

Convert invoices from back-end format to customer invoice format.

Validate compliance of invoices with customer requirements before they are sent.

Send invoices and supporting documents with the delivery protocol selected by the customer.

Get acknowledgements that invoices have been received by the customer and invoice responses that provide progress status.

Track invoice status and gather all invoice-related data in a single repository, regardless of how many different systems you invoice from and how invoices were delivered to your customers.

How You Invoice Dictates How You're Paid

If your business is manually issuing invoices, you’re driving up your own labor costs and delaying the entire invoice process from the start. Additionally, these consequences of a manual process are sabotaging your profitability:

  • Higher costs associated with paper invoices (paper, print, folding and postage fees, etc.)
  • Higher costs and error rate associated with manual entries on portals
  • More missing or lost invoices
  • Higher DSO
  • Longer payment times
  • More late payments
  • Poor workflow visibility

Get Paid Faster with Invoice Automation

The faster you can get an invoice into your customer’s hands and accounts payable system, the faster you’ll get paid. Amalto’s fully-managed automated invoicing and accounts receivable solution enables your business to drive down costs, while expediting and dramatically improving the quality of your invoicing process through:

  • Fewer lost or missing invoices
  • Fewer exceptions and discrepancies
  • Quicker approval cycles
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Better visibility across transactions
  • More on-time payments
  • Retention and satisfaction of your e-ready customers

Invoice Your e-Ready Customers

Amalto can set up your private cloud solution to connect you with all your customers currently able to receive electronic invoices, either directly or through hubs, networks, marketplaces or third parties.

Invoice All Your Customers

Amalto can go beyond the e-Ready customers and take care of all your outbound accounts receivable invoices whether they are submitted electronically, printed and mailed or emailed as PDF files.