Field Ticket Automation



Send electronic Field Tickets to your Clients, directly from your e-Field Ticketing solution or your ERP system.

Tired with chasing signature and coding of your paper field tickets? Imagine digitally sending electronic field tickets to your Clients, either directly to their system (or their chosen 3rd party like Oildex OI or Ariba) or via your Customer Portal. Your Clients will then code and approve or dispute your electronic tickets and the outcome be automatically brought back into your systems, so you can send your invoices as soon as the related tickets are approved. It’s field ticket automation at its finest

Customer approves field ticket onsite or via portal.

Field data integrates directly with back-end system.

Field data is pushed to customer’s system for approval.

Field Ticket status and coding information is received or retrieved from the Customer system (or its chosen 3rd party)

Activity level, time to invoice and revenue forecast are visible.

Chasing coding and approval of paper-based Field Tickets is a real pain

If your business relies on paper-based processes when it comes to get your field tickets coded and approved by your Customers, you’re burdened internally and externally with a highly manual administrative workflow and other unnecessary inefficiencies:

  • Long delays leading to poor DSO
  • Lack of tracebility
  • Rekeying of data
  • Higher error rate
  • Missed revenue
  • Untimely reporting

Field Ticket Automation Delivers Significant Value

Automating your field ticket submission to your Customers provides your business with:

Operational Benefits

  • Expedites cycle time between the field and office
  • Improves tracebility and auditability
  • Streamlines coding and approval process
  • Enables proactive operations management

Financial Benefits

  • Improves accuracy and speed of invoicing
  • Increases visibility into receivables
  • Minimizes disputed invoices
  • Improves capital management
  • Enables direct invoicing from ERP and eliminates rekeying of data
  • Reduces AR costs and enables reallocation of FTE
  • Improves regulatory compliance
  • Reduces missed revenue
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