Amalto + FIS



Amalto + FIS: Power the exchange of e-business documents across the Order-to-Cash spectrum

The strategic partnership between Amalto Technologies and FIS Global powers the exchange of electronic business documents between suppliers and buyers of all industries in various configurations involving the Amalto e-Business Cloud solution and the FIS GETPAID solution.

The combination of Amalto’s e-invoicing cloud solution to streamline all A/R processes and FIS’ software-as-a-service solution for credit, collections, and cash application allows both companies to provide existing customers (and their trading partners) as well as prospects with a smart ecosystem that embeds complex integration, automation and workflow across all aspects of the order to cash spectrum, while ensuring data security and integrity thanks to dedicated secure private cloud environments.

Enterprise companies in all industries leverage the e-Business Cloud and GETPAID to:

  • Streamline Order-to-Cash processes with customers (automating Sales Order and Work Order processing, submission of e-Field Tickets and outbound e-Invoices, reception of ticket and invoice statuses…)
  • Manage Credit and Collections to help drive automation and workflow, lower days sales outstanding, mitigate credit risk, automate cash application, reduce dispute cycle time and improve visibility into cash and risk.
  • Automate exchanges with Logistics Providers (3PL, 4PL and carriers)
  • Enable electronic transactions with their suppliers via a Supplier Community
  • Handle master data and transactional data synchronization between ERPs and SaaS solutions, etc.
  • Access a highly sophisticated and configurable Cash Application rules engine and risk.

Amalto + FIS = Business and Financial Excellence

Amalto’s e-Business Cloud and FIS Global’s GETPAID are private cloud B2B integration solutions that optimize the exchange of all electronic documents and automate key processes such as sales order processing, accounts receivable automation, logistics, credits and collections, cash application, and more. Migrating from a paper-based system to automated processes thanks to both the e-Business Cloud and GETPAID enables organizations to achieve not only operational excellence, but financial excellence as well.

The following benefits come from leveraging the e-Business Cloud and GETPAID for your organization:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced errors and minimized disputes
  • Increased reporting control and visibility
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Lowered Working Capital Cycle
  • Reduced environmental impact by eliminating paper use

Tap the Power of Amalto's e-Business Cloud and FIS Global's GETPAID Today.

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