Trading Partner On-Boarding



On-boarding Trading Partners for O2C Services is not a task to improvise.

If You Are a Supplier

You need to comply with the business and technical requirements of your e-Ready customers and/or their chosen hub, network, marketplace or third party. That means being able to exchange business documents in your customer’s chosen format, using your customer’s chosen transport protocol, and complying with the on-boarding process your customer imposes. Amalto does it all for you.

With Amalto, you benefit from:

  • Extensive expertise in business document formats and transport protocols
  • Proven experience setting up and operating business document exchange with all leading hubs, networks, marketplaces and third parties such as Ariba Network, Cortex, Coupa, GXS, Oildex OpenInvoice, Oildex Spendworks, Perfect, SciQuest Supplier Network, Transcepta, Transwide and Tungsten Network.

If You Are a Buyer

You not only need to be able to address a large number of suppliers, providing them with self-service and easy-to-use solutions that will encourage adoption, you also need to provide documentation, organize on-boarding webinars, follow up with them to make sure they adopt the proposed solution, and support them. With Amalto, you can count on:

  • Our long-term experience implementing and operating tailor-made supplier communities
  • A flexible solution that offers multiple options to your suppliers in terms of how they exchange business documents with your organization

Rely on Solid Experience and Proven Performance

For more than 10 years, Amalto has conducted Trading Partner on-boarding, establishing and operating hundreds of B2B flows between buyers and suppliers, companies and logistics providers, and internal and external systems. We have the tools and expertise you need to on-board large numbers of Trading Partners and operate B2B solutions on your behalf.

On-Board Your Trading Partners with Amalto

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