Providing fully-managed O2C Services for all your B2B / EDI / integration needs.

Because the Amalto e-Business Cloud is deployed and operated as a fully-managed solution, you are completely shielded from the complexity of designing, implementing and managing ongoing operations pertaining to your B2B / EDI / integration needs. This allows you to focus on your core responsibilities. Amalto’s order to cash services ensure the complete end-to-end management of implementation and ongoing activities related to electronic document exchange. From deployment and on-boarding to adoption, performance tracking and reporting, Amalto makes sure every part of the process is controlled by well-vetted steps learned from decades of experience in the e-transactions domain.


Your dedicated Amalto team manages the entire implementation process from design to the activation of business document exchange between your internal solutions (ERP, back-end system, accounting software, etc.) and your Trading Partners. We managing the setup of end-to-end integrated processes, implement synchronous or batch integration with internal systems, and manage the transformation from one format to another (plus enrichment if needed, via cross-referencing, calculation and/or any kind of calculation or logic).


For all your Trading Partners, Amalto handles business document exchanges, supporting the various file formats and transport protocols they require, whether these Trading Partners are suppliers, customers or third-party marketplaces and/or industry trading hubs. We cover all connectivity aspects including setup of the chosen connectivity method, installation of digital certificates, firewall configuration, tests and go-live.


Once live, Amalto ensures all transactions and integration processes flow seamlessly. Your e-Business Cloud is constantly supervised and proactively supported by Amalto. All configuration, mapping, transformation and connectivity issues are taken care of with advanced monitoring and technical support. Providing 24/7 monitoring and proactive support, we ensure all transactions flow as expected.

The Technology Behind Our Solutions

The Amalto e-Business Cloud is the only fully-managed integration platform that provides a turnkey solution to simplify, streamline, automate and accelerate your business processes.

Case Studies

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes, in a variety of industries, many of them using extremely complicated business processes and posing unique challenges. But no matter how daunting these situations may have seemed, Amalto delivered success after success.