Gain a competitive advantage with O2C technology that offers advanced, reliable infrastructure and proven performance.

Private Cloud: More Flexible and Tailored to Your Order to Cash

Each Amalto customer benefits from a private e-Business Cloud. Amalto utilizes customer-dedicated machines running their own instances and private databases, with one machine per environment, such as test and production. Access is IP-filtered, meaning machines are accessible only on specific ports from designated IP addresses determined by Amalto and the customer.

Security: Safeguarding Your Information through Industry
Standards and Best Practices

Physical machines are hosted at world-class data centers with anti-DDOS, electrical backup generators, fire prevention measures, physical access control, and temperature, humidity and pressure control. Access from the public Internet is granted via an API gateway which features OAuth2 secure authentication, secure reverse proxying and redundancy with automatic failover and anti-DDOS.

High Availability and Performance: Maximizing Uptime

Amalto’s stable, state-of-the-art infrastructure incorporates the most advanced features:

  • Redundancy on all critical systems
  • Load balancing
  • Active 24/7 monitoring
  • Daily backups

In addition, the e-Business Cloud web user interface is deployed via a content delivery network (CDN) with points of presence (POPs) all over the world, guaranteeing fast loading on browsers anywhere.

Scalability: Growing as Your Business Grows

Using virtual machines and Docker containers, the Amalto platform easily scales to accommodate your changing needs.

For secure business process automation, using proprietary technology packed with powerful features, contact Amalto today.