Increase reactivity and agility by enhancing communication and collaboration with your trading partners, thanks to Amalto's workflows.

Customers are now able to access workflows and interact with the system by handling tasks allocated to them. They can review work items and perform related actions, which depend on the involved workflow. For example, use cases may concern review and/or completion of outgoing transactions (POs, AR Invoices), documents flip (like flipping a PO into a draft Invoice), approval of incoming transactions (POs, AP Invoices)… The e-Business Cloud workflow can trigger email notifications to assignees, who are then a click away from approving, completing, rejecting transactions… or delegating the work item to someone else, among the configured delegates.

Here are some of the e-Business Cloud key-workflow
automation benefits you can count on:

  • Streamline and speed up internal processes by reducing manual entry and request handling
  • Reduce errors and re-work
  • A unified, personalized request experience for employees
  • Track request status (completed, pending, or in-progress, etc.) in real time
  • Identify performance trends (group and individual) over time
  • Reduced license overhead for enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Monitor team progress against Service Level Agreements
  • Identify and remove process barriers or bottlenecks
  • Better align tasks with the skillsets and assign tasks to the most appropriate staff members
  • Drastically reduce paperwork and associated costs and waste
  • Reduce the need for manual decision making and handling with business rules
  • Identify redundancies
  • Switch from single to parallel processing of tasks
  • Eliminate circumvention of organizational business rules
  • Provide staff members with reminders and alerts when tasks age
  • Allow for 24/7 access to approve and monitor requests and tasks
  • Allow staff and management to focus on value-added projects and tasks

Regardless of the complexity of the exchange process, the type of documents or disparity of back-office systems involved, Amalto has the expertise to implement the right solution for you. Contact us today to begin more efficient B2B document management.