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Providing in-depth reports on order to cash solutions to solve business performance issues.

Want more information on how automating business processes can truly transform your organization? Our order to cash experts weigh in on issues that impact a company’s revenue, costs, working capital and customer satisfaction, while providing insight on how order to cash automation can increase business productivity and profitability.

White Paper: Amalto + FIS = Your Order to Cash Solution

Potent integration between the Amalto e-Business Cloud and FIS Global’s GETPAID means full-on Order to Cash automation: from sales orders to cash application and everything in the middle.

White Paper: Making the Most of Portals

Working with multiple customer-deployed portals can often consume your precious time and energy. By implementing smart portal strategies, you can maximize your Order-to-Cash process and improve cash flow. In this White Paper, Amalto delves into the different portal types that suppliers use, the challenges that are faced, and how connecting all portals via a single interface can eliminate the pain points while reducing costs.

eBook: 5 Critical Automation Best Practices for Receivable Process

Optimizing your processes with automation will radically improve your business operations. Amalto’s White Paper discusses the 5 critical automation best practices that will allow organizations to remedy the choke points in their order to cash process.