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Learn more about the Amalto e-Business Cloud features in our O2C Product Sheets and Brochures.

The Amalto e-Business Cloud is the only fully-managed integration platform that gives businesses a turnkey solution to simplify, streamline, automate and accelerate their business processes. Deployed as a fully managed solution, the e-Business Cloud is customizable with valuable features and state-of-the-art technology.

Product Brochure: e-Business Cloud

The Amalto e-Business Cloud is a private cloud Business to Business (B2B) integration service offering that facilitates the exchange of all electronic documents with your Trading Partners and automates key processes.

Product Sheet: Reporting

Amalto’s e-Business Cloud provides meaningful reports and insights to analyze and better manage your business. It allows you to easily account for every quote, order, field ticket, invoice and more to gain access to real-time data that drives your business so that you can not only make better decisions but deliver better service.

Product Sheet: ERP Integration

With Amalto, you can connect your ERP to the bigger picture to reduce manual workload and streamline your processes. The e-Business Cloud facilitates the exchange of all electronic documents between your ERP and all your Trading Partners, automating key processes such as sales order entry, Accounts Receivable, Logistics, and more.