The choreography of business documents among numerous parties in the Transportation and Logistics industry is complex and associated with multiple sources and receiving systems.

Many Trading Partners interact in the Transportation and Logistics world including expeditors, shippers, freight forwarders, 3PL, 4PL, warehouse managers and customers. They exchange a large variety of business, logistics and custom documents. Furthermore, this industry is multimodal by nature, involving road, rail, sea and air transportation, leveraging numerous standards, protocols (including EDI Edifact/ X12), and back-end systems to enable B2B document exchanges.

Amalto O2C Solutions for the Transportation Industry

With Amalto’s e-Business Cloud system-to-system integration, Transportation and Logistics companies gain the flexibility to manage their Order to Cash processes with any type of trading partners:

  • Exchange multiple types of business documents (PO, INV, GR, ASN, etc.)
  • Receive and send both EDI (Edifact/ X12) and various types of XML documents


For trucking companies leveraging the Trimble/ TMW solution, native integration between their transport management system and the Amalto e-Business Cloud makes the sending of invoices to customers very easy. The Amalto solution delivers an immensely improved accounts receivable process, with associated reduction of DSO and FTE count.


If you are a shipper or a carrier and you leverage the Transwide platform for your business, Amalto’s e-Business Cloud can get you connected directly from your back-end to Transwide, enabling easy and secured document exchanges with your customers

Automation Is the Ticket for Transportation Businesses

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