The Chemical industry faces two main Order-to-Cash challenges: efficiently capturing customer sales orders and quickly sending invoices to multiple customers to improve cash flow.

In particular, sales order automation is a key issue. The transition from fax, phone or email sales orders to an end-to-end fully-automated process with direct transmission to the production line is paramount for Chemical companies.

Amalto O2C Solutions for the Chemical Industry

With Amalto’s Order to cash solution, businesses in the Chemical industry can enable full automation of the sales order process in record time. By leveraging a customer portal or through B2B integration with their customers (ERP to ERP), these businesses can accurately capture and integrate sales orders into their various back-office and production systems in a timely manner.

For Chemical companies whose customers leverage a vertical hub such as Elemica or horizontal hub such as Ariba to connect to their vendors, Amalto will handle the complexity of specific standards (CIDX, cXML, for example) and transport protocols associated with these B2B hubs, making implementation easy for the Chemical company.

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Take the Next Step and Automate Logistics

Want to take sales order automation even further and deliver a positive impact on your supply chain and overall business? Discover how Amalto can automate your logistics processes.