Business Services



Doing business with thousands - and sometimes hundreds of thousands - of customers poses a unique challenge in automating the Order-to-Cash process.

For businesses that perform a service rather than manufacturing or selling a product, each of their many customers has unique requirements in terms of electronic document exchange formats (flat files, EDI, XML, etc.) and transport protocol (HTTPs, AS2, RNIF, etc.). Managing the tremendous diversity of B2B integration channels with a large pool of customers is often an obstacle for Business Services companies in Order to Cash automation. When incapable of electronically enabling their business document exchanges with the vast majority of their customers, Business Services companies incur high DSO, require more clerks to manually handle sales orders or invoices, suffer from poor customer satisfaction as a result of not being able to quickly respond to a large customer willing to transact electronically, and even risk losing business.

Amalto O2C Solutions for the Business Services Industry

Amalto’s fully-managed solutions, integration platform and services effectively address these challenges. Our team will work directly with all your customers to establish and maintain the necessary B2B integration channels and ensure that sales orders are received and invoices are delivered quickly. With Amalto, you’ll be able to:

  • On-board multiple trading partners in record time
  • Rapidly respond to customer requests to automate B2B
  • Limit the internal IT and accounts receivable resources needed to automate your Order to Cash processes
  • Eliminate the need to maintain multiple external channels and increase security
  • Enjoy comprehensive reporting with all transactions being handled on a single platform

Overcome Business Services Obstacles

To learn how on-boarding all your Trading Partners and automating your Order to Cash processes will benefit your business, contact Amalto today.